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Fishing is not only a recreational activity but a way of living for many anglers around the world. From solo line fishing to modern fishing rods, the anglers are always keen to know the best ways to match their fishing style. Even though the present-day practices of fish hunting have evolved with time, the charm of solo fishing has remained unmatched and unbeaten. Therefore, knowing how to cast a fishing rod the right way will be the first step for many new anglers to master the art of fishing in the 21st century.

What is a Fishing Rod & Why it is so Important in Fishing?

fishing rod setup is a kind of fishing equipment with a pole and a fishing line attached to the top and a reeling device at the rear bottom. The line rolls over the reel and has a gear to spin to let out and back in the queue. Usually, the bar has a bait at the end, and the pole is fixed with the reel.

The rods made of wood, stone, and bone are the eldest fishing poles in the history of humanity. Ancient people used to practice several methods for fishing worldwide during the bygone era. However, the civilizations living near the water bodies like seas and oceans were mostly dominant in fishing. In short, the fishing rods used for angling have a deep-rooted history.

A good fishing rod is crucial in turning a regular day of an angler into a very productive fishing day. For a beginner, selecting one rod out of several types of rods is quite challenging. Besides choosing the correct rod for your fishing arsenal, knowing how to cast a fishing rod the right way to the maximum distance is equally important to learn how to catch target fish everytime.

Different Types of Fishing Rods

Different types of Fishing Rod
Different types of Fishing Rod

Whether you’re going on fishing or hunting to spend your next weekend with family or friends, selecting the set of right tools is as important as gathering all the accurate information about that tool. There are several versatile, classical, modern, and exclusive fishing rods available in the market. Each rod has specific functions and distinctions over height, weight, and action.

1- Casting Rods

The casting rods, also called spin cast rods, have the casting reel over the handle—one of the most straightforward fishing rods with a nosecone to encase and discharge the line.

The casting rods are light weighted and easy to manage for a new angler. Moreover, the casting rod is the cheapest of all and is a perfect tool for lake and small water bodies angling. Even though the system is pretty simple, the structure is strong enough to handle the heavy lines, weeds, and rocks.

2- Spinning Rods

The spinning rods are different from the casting rods and have a main reel gear at the rear end. If you know how to set up a spinning rod, you are already halfway to the best fishing experience. The line passes underneath the rod and needs the participation of fingers in controlling the reel and line. 

The best thing about spinning rods is that you can use the maximum power of the dominant hand while casting the fishing rod. Spinning rods are better than casting rods because they remain unrestricted during the action. Mostly, sport anglers whose target fish are bass, pike, trout, and walleye, use spinning rods for best results.

3-Telescopic Fishing Rods

Usually, people with experience prefer to find a location that is far away from crowded fishing territories. Therefore, they might have to travel with the minimum loads and compact equipment. The telescope angling rods are resizable, and you can take them around.

The telescope fishing rods are suitable for surf anglings. Therefore, knowing how to set up a fishing rod is critically vital for surf angling. The surf angling needs a long rod up to 14 inches. The adjustable joints demand care while assembling, as dirt can ruin the activity of the rod. 

How to Use a Fishing Reel Easily Like a Pro

how to cast a spinning reel
how to cast a fishing pole

You can have the best tool in your fishing arsenal, but it is of no worth if you can’t utilize it correctly. An inadequate method to cast a fishing rod can damage the potential hunts. Also, it can damage the rods and other valuable equipment and tools.

Here are seven simple moves to assist you in casting a fishing rod the right way.

Step 1- Parallel with ground

Before throwing the bait and line in the fishing water, make the line parallel with the ground. Spin back the extra line on the reel and leave only 30 to 40 cm of cord. 

Step 2- Holding rod in the dominant hand

Most of the latest rods have free-hand orientation. Robust hand control and comfortable handgrip can effectively ease the casting of your fishing rod. You can get a better grip when you hold the rod and reel gear between the two fingers.

Step 3- Roll the reel ring with a handle.

Adjust the range of the line according to the size of the rod. The string must not exceed ¼ the length of the rod. 

Step 4- Hold line by the index finger.

After adjusting the height and direction of the rod, hold the line below your index finger. 

Step 5- Opening the bail

You can open the bail arm with a free hand while holding the line with the dominant hand’s index finger.

Step 6- Look around and make space.

Adjust your posture and look around before casting the rod. Ensure no one is approximately 4–5-meter distance as line-carrying baits and hooks can injure anyone around. Hold the line in a slop position at your shoulder. 

Step 7- Action time

Pull the rod and point towards the target area. Keep your index finger straight and parallel to the rod. Now release the line smoothly without any pauses.

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Important Tips to Cast a Fishing Reel Correctly While Staying Safe

To enjoy an activity to its fullest, one must follow the safety rules and proper guidelines. You already know how to cast a fishing rod without hassle, so here are some safety precautions to avoid a mishap.

  • Check for people and animal around yourself before every time you cast your fishing rod.
  • Adjust the line length as it affects the efficiency and landing points.
  • Look for snagged lines, and in case of a tangled line apparent, the hassle before casting.
  • Never put the line under the index finger at action time but keep it parallel with the line.
  • Handle hooks and baits carefully as they can cause injuries while setting up a fishing rod.
  • Hold the fishing rod straight up while walking around with it.
  • Ensure to cover the hooks with a hook safe to avoid the snagged lines and hook curves.
How to cast a fishing rod – Everything you need to know

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