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AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE is part of the Associate Program of Amazon Services LCC. This program is designed to earn money by building a website and promoting it on blogs. The authors of Amazon based websites and blogs make money by providing links to product pages on Amazon for the sole purpose of advertising. In this way, for advertising the product, Amazon is bound to share some commission on every purchase that has been made by visiting the link of the website owner.

Each purchase made through these affiliate links with our cause helps to assist our cause. You won’t be charged any additional fees beyond the amount you are charged for the main purchase page. So, there’s no need to worry about purchases made when you use our Amazon affiliate links.

The method of generating money through an affiliate link is simple. Website or blog owner places links to Amazon products in their review articles or on their website’s main page.  When you click the affiliate link and make a purchase in the next 24 hours, that affiliate website owner will be given a small percentage of value based on a small portion of the sale. By way of this type of program, the website owner benefits from Amazon whenever a purchase is made through the website’s affiliate link or blog.

It would be best to remember that Amazon links are not PPC “pay per click.” The blogger will not be paid unless you click on the link to the website. Only a commission or profit will be delivered to the affiliate only after my affiliate link is clicked. In this scenario, if you change your mind and purchase the product, the website owner receives zero sales.

Whenever you see a link or button on a website or blog with the word “Check on Amazon” in it, you will be assured that it is an affiliate link for the product available at Amazon. In a couple of moments, you will be redirected to the sales page of this product.

Fishing Vantage is not only designed for putting up most of the affiliate links of the products. It is designed for learning and educating people about the product they are about to buy as well. You can find several reviews about the product on our website as our professional writers are giving their best to provide product detail.

We want to make things more convenient for a customer by providing them with a summary of our products in a simple brief to choose the product they will buy. Finally, Last but not least, a satisfied customer is always our top preference, and we will never let down our ”valuable customers” trust in any case.

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